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If you’ve seen one melting skyskraper, you’ve seen them all

Or so I thought. I’d seen a few of Frank Gehry’s buildings in the form of pictures or models, and perhaps in the flesh from a distance, and, while they’re undeniably attractive, they also seemed perhaps a little pointless. With the technological ability to produce buildings where the external form is more or less unconstrained by the builing’s purpose, I didn’t see any reason for him to choose the forms he actually uses, except for a kind of bland rococoism. But I had the chance to walk around his Music Center when I was in Los Angeles last week, and I’ve rather changed my mind. The way in which the petals of the structure open up to include a park, or to hide a Children’s Amphitheatre in a nook, or to reach out towards the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles, or the strangely growing pillars that support the interior of the concert hall itself are both beautiful and, in surprising ways, functional.


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  1. Not strictly about Frank Gehry but more to satisfy my inner pedant. Your photos from CA are v good but just thought I would mention that the picture from the Brer Rabbit tar pits of sabre tooth cat skulls is actually Dire Wolves.

    Comment by Baron @ 8/3/2006 1:13 pm

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